Newest Bun Hairstyle Ideas for long, short and medium hair

Newest Bun Hairstyle Ideas for long, short & medium hair.

When you discover something new, it reveals that it’s more creative than its previous ideas. But not every artistic style becomes fashionable and trendy. Today we’ll find out the newest bun hairstyle ideas to try this year. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned and everyday bun hairdos and experiment with more creative hairstyles. Rose Bun Hairstyle

Flower-shaped updo hairstyles are now much evolved and beautified with modern twists. Instead of the flashy and too eye-catching flower buns, now we see the elegant rose bun. It is a cute prom updo hairstyle even for brides. You can get it on mid-length haircuts too. How to Style: Start with brushing your hair gently.

Spray sea spray or use hair cream to make your locks smooth and sleek. Part the top half of hair and secure with a tie or band, Actually it’s a twisted style achieved section by section. Use bobby pins while securing each section and tease it beforehand if you need additional volume.

Braided Bun Hairstyle

The next is a braided style, and while there are many braided updo hairstyles, here I offer this cute and posh look. It’s a comfortable bun hairstyle with a double braid on one side and with a large braid at the nape. It looks more glamorous thanks to the combination of dark and light shades. You can get the same if you have an ombre hair color.

How to Style: Start with combing all your hair from the roots to the tips. Then use your braiding skills to get two Dutch braids on one side and secure them with bobby pins. Continue styling and create a long and thick braid plating your hair until the tips. Then wrap it around and build a low bun. Fix with bobby pins. You can frame your face with loose wavy bangs.

Loop Bun Hairstyle

Between the latest sleek bun hairstyles, we often meet the lovely loop bun. It’s a combination of a half and half ponytail and bun hairstyles. Loop bun has come to replace the tight knots. It has a simpler yet neater look than any other bun hairstyles. How to Style: Apply hair oil or cream on your tresses and brush, making hair as sleek as possible.

Create a deep side parting and fix it with hair spray. Then go for a ponytail, but don’t bring out the tips sufficiently. Leave them under the pressure of the tie and rock it the way it is.

Knotted Bun Hairstyle

Another hairstyle to change up the dull look of your buns is the knotted effect. This is ideal for thick and sleek hair. It is a great idea when you want to keep all your strands out of the face and under control. You can choose it as your casual hairstyle. How to Style: Section your hair into two equal parts and comb.

Then twist and create a big knot at the nape. If your hair is not unruly, then you can quickly get the desired look even without the use of bobby pins. But if you feel as if some part of your hair jumps out of the bun, fix it with an invisible bobby pin.

Some cool Bun Styles in Pinterest

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