9 Ways on How to Rid dark circles and Bags under the Eyes

9 Ways on How to Rid dark circles and Bags under the Eyes

When you’re in your late 20s or older, bags under your eyes the last thing you want to see, though, nothing to be concerned about, dark circles and bag under your eyes make you look older and tired.

dark circles and Bags under the Eyes
get rid of bags under eyes

Eye puffiness — also commonly referred to as bags under the eyes, is usually not a problem that needs medical attention, but how can you get rid of bags under eyes?

First, you have to know how you got these undesirable bags in the first place. There are many reasons which we explained in this article, but the good news is that you can get reduce eye puffiness. Below are nine simple ways to get rid of bags under the eyes:

Cut Down on the Salt

Cut down on salt in your diet. Sodium causes fluid retention and can lead to puffiness around the eyes. That’s why you get puffy eyes in the morning after having dinner high in salt.

Control Your Allergies

Allergies can cause puffiness and watery eyes. The good news is most medications you take to manage your allergies, sinus infections, and colds can reduce the puffiness in your eyes.

Change Your Sleeping Position

If you have the habit of sleeping on your side or your stomach, then gravity will cause body fluids to be collected under your eyes. This will cause bags under your eyes. Therefore, try sleeping on your back and add an extra pillow to elevate your head a little higher.

Clean Your Makeup Before Bed

Sleeping with makeup like eyeshadow in your eyes is not a good idea. It can make your eyes water and can cause eye puffiness. So, clean off all the makeup from your face and eyes before going to bed.

Cut Down on Alcohol

It’s okay to have a drink occasionally or have a beer with a friend, but don’t drink too much. Because too much booze can draw water out from your skin. Once the water under the delicate skin under the eyes is reduced, and you get bags under the eyes. In case you had too much, drink plenty of water before going to bed. Also, use a moisturizer around your eyes.

Shield Your Eyes from UV Rays

You’re doing all you can to protect your body from the harmful UV rays while going outside. Are you doing it equally for your face? Excessive sunlight can make the delicate skin around your eyes to wrinkle or sag. Always use sunglasses, sunscreen, moisturizers, and hats to protect your face from UV rays.

Quit Smoking

Smoking doesn’t only cause lung cancer; it can also dry and weaken the skin around your face. So, if you don’t want to look old and have wrinkled, puffy eyes, now is the time to give up smoking.

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Cover Up With Makeup/Concealer/Eye Cream

Don’t want people to see your dark circles or puffy eyes? Then here is an easy tip, hide them using a concealer that matches your skin tone. You can also use various eye creams and lotions to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. Remember to pat it around your eyes lightly, instead of rubbing or massaging it in.

Cool Down Your Eyes

Chilling your eyes down can reduce puffiness. Consider using a chilled spoon, tea bags, or cucumber slices. It doesn’t matter whatever you use, and if you lower the temperature around your eyes, you can get good results.

Following these simple remedies and avoiding some bad habits, you can reduce the bags under eyes and dark circles, too, making you look active and younger again.

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